Welcome to Odyssey

Odyssey is the new award winning, cutting-edge superior service interface for Karma Royal Members, offering travel, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle solutions, all backed by service par excellence! On hand are an experienced team of Odyssey Navigators to offer help and advice on all your travel needs, and with an enviable portfolio of Royal, Chakra, Karma and Destination resorts; Spas and Beach Clubs; as well as thousands of External Exchange Resorts and Cruise options, you’re sure to find that perfect holiday experience!

Being a Member of a Karma Royal Group Club has always given you an excellent range of holiday options and experiences.

Understanding the importance of innovation, the Karma Royal Group has now taken your membership a step further by giving you access to the next generation in customer satisfaction and fulfilment experiences by incorporating your entire core Club Benefits, and more, under one roof as a one-stop-shop – "Odyssey Premier".

Odyssey Premier goes beyond standard club benefits and services by merging different club servicing platforms under one umbrella. On behalf of Members, Odyssey Premier has partnered with the best of External Exchange Providers, thus opening up the widest possible range of holiday destinations and experiences.

The Customer Interface has also been streamlined and we've invested in systems, concierge services, technology and training to improve your overall experience.

With Odyssey Premier, Members can enjoy more flexibility, greater variety, a wider range of destinations and more options for extra holidays than ever before.

For the last two decades, the Karma Royal Group has emerged as the leader in the holiday ownership industry in South and South East Asia, consistently delivering superb resorts in stunning destinations.

This tradition of delivering wonderful holidays to its member families continues today with our newest innovation, Odyssey Premier — a member-friendly, simple-to-use approach to holiday ownership club and member servicing that offers you the maximum in service, flexibility and convenience.

As a Member of an Odyssey Premier Affiliated Club or Resort, you have been automatically enrolled in Odyssey Premier. Odyssey Premier is the only servicing club you will ever need as it delivers all the benefits and services that you are entitled to as a holiday ownership member whether your club membership is weeks-based or points-based.

Odyssey Premier offers you access not just to the many benefits with which you are familiar and already have access, but to a great many more. This includes the Odyssey Premier Exchange Programme which opens up holiday exchange possibilities around the world without having to pay additional fees to become a member of any other exchange, reservation or rental companies.

Included in the enhancements, Odyssey Premier has partnered with the leader in worldwide holiday ownership exchange, RCI, and your Odyssey Navigator is able to search live availability of hundreds of thousands of holiday periods, options and destinations and confirm your holiday according to your preferences.

In addition we have introduced the Odyssey Privilege Club offering great value Add On to your existing membership. Annual membership is available by way of a nominal fee giving you access to savings on Management Charges, access to even more special offers and membership related discounts. Speak to your Odyssey Navigator today or find out more from an Odyssey Affiliated Club Membership Executive when next on holiday.

Odyssey Premier is a comprehensive reservations and exchange platform servicing all Members of the Karma Royal Group, whether the underlying Membership is Weeks or Points based. The purpose of Odyssey Premier is to provide and deliver an enviable and flexible range of holiday opportunities.

As an Odyssey Premier Member, you can continue to enjoy the following club benefits which include:

  • Reservations into your home club resorts,
  • Exchanges to other club resorts within the group,
  • Exchanges to Odyssey Premier destination resorts domestically and internationally.

Even better, you can also enjoy a greater range of benefits and services which include:

  • Complimentary enrolment into the Odyssey Premier External Exchange Programme, powered by RCI,  which offers holiday exchange opportunities to over 4000 resorts in 100 countries throughout the world.
  • More Bonus Holidays and Breaks,
  • Extra Family & Friends Benefits,
  • Extended stays at participating resorts,
  • Upgrades,
  • Holiday Rentals,
  • Virtual Concierge Services,
  • Travel Services,
  • Discounted 3rd Party Memberships, and
  • Club Discount Programmes.

Odyssey Premier will also continue to secure additional strategic alliance benefits for its Members to extend further travel, entertainment and lifestyle programmes and discounts and these will be communicated to Members through this site and via special membership email alerts as they become available.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced Odyssey Premier Membership benefits package and look forward to arranging your very own “Special Holiday” this year and in the future.