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Goa's muddy adventure

Goa's muddy adventure

The rich lands of Goa, India, benefit from the annual monsoon that inundates much of the region, and amongst the locals it's a time for celebration and no small amount of fun.

Coming July 2nd, the monsoonal festival of Chikal Kalo is worth seeing at least once in your life. The people of Goa gather for the mother of all mud wrestles in the soaked open spaces, partly to commemorate the childhood games of the Hindu god Krishna and his friends.

A ghostly good time in Thailand

A ghostly good time in Thailand

In Loei province, northern Thailand, they have legend that speaks of the Buddha. In one of his past lives as a prince, the Buddha undertook a perilous journey and was presumed dead, however he defied the people's’ fears and returned. It is said the celebrations were so loud as to wake the dead.

To commemorate the event the people of Loei dress in elaborate masks which depict grinning, ghost like figures.

Experience this ancient rite for yourself when you stay at Karma Royal Bella Vista, our northern Thai retreat.

Family fun in Vietnam

Family fun in Vietnam

Although an international occasion, Family Day is an incredibly popular holiday in Vietnam. A range of activities mark the day all over the country, including communal dinners, arts fairs, street fairs and more.

There's no better place to experience this fantastic event than in Hoi An, the home of Karma's newly opened riverside retreat, Karma Cây Tre.

Exclusive sporting experiences just for you

Exclusive sporting experiences just for you

Don't forget to register your interest to receive FREE tickets to some of the top sporting events around, including the Western Force Vs Rebels on Saturday 7th July, and the Force Vs the Waratahs on Saturday, 15th July!

Some Feedback from the Western Force Vs Highlanders game on 20th May;

Mr. Dean Thornton And Mrs. Kim Du Bois
from Western Australia

Part of the Karma Group since 2017

Mr. Dean Thornton And Mrs. Kim Du Bois

“Big thanks to Karma for the four tickets to watch our team Western Force vs The Highlanders on Saturday night at Domain Stadium Perth WA.

Sadly a big loss to the Force and a cold and rainy night but a great night out supporting rugby in WA nonetheless.

Photograph of Karma member Dennis Skillen with friend Andrew Macgregor at the game in their Force outfits.”

Mr. and Mrs. Gunser
from Western Australia

Part of the Karma Group since 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Gunser

Mr. and Mrs. Gunser

“We had a great day at the rugby. Thank you Karma for the tickets. We also met another Karma winner there as well.”


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