Bali's Beautiful Tumpek Wayang + More...

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Bali's Beautiful Tumpek Wayang

Bali's Beautiful Tumpek Wayang

Bali may be known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate, but what makes the Island of the Gods truly spectacular is its people and their colourful Hindu-animist culture.

During Tumpek Wayang, puppeteers from across the island gather at local temples to perform the 'Sapuh Leger', a traditional show that points to the coming together of the Gods, Shiva and Uma.

Ubud is widely regarded as Bali's cultural and artistic hub - for it was here that the Royals of the Hindu Majapahit Empire fled when Islam spread across the Archipelago. Karma Mayura is the ideal base from which to immerse oneself in Bali's vivid, celebratory culture, with a myriad important temples and holy sites within easy reaching distance - and our local staff can give you the inside track on all that's happening in the packed Balinese calendar.

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Christmas markets and festivals

An open air classic in Nuremberg, Germany

There are few more festive destinations during the winter season than the Bavarian Alps, which are fully deserving of the phrase Winter Wonderland. Besides snowcapped mountains and frozen lakes, Bavaria's main cities come alive with Christmas markets and traditional festivals.

Cities like Munich, Salzburg and Bad Tölz glow with a myriad Christmas lights and stalls selling everything from honey figurines to sweetmeats, retro wooden toys & decorations to classic candies, line the streets.

And of course you won't lack for festive feasting - try out classics like the Schweinebraten - the famous Bavarian pork roast washed down with a Steiner of locally brewed lager. Or Christmas biscuits and gingerbread for those with a sweet tooth.

Alpenclub too comes alive with a host of seasonal offerings - you won't want to miss the luxury horse drawn sledge ride round Lake Schliersee, wrapped up in blankets with a spiced mull wine in hand...

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Bonderam, Goa's Flag Festival

Bonderam, Goa's Flag Festival

On the tiny island of Divar, in Goa, the Bonderam Festival echoes with hints of Goa's colonial past.

Reminiscent of an Eddie Izzard sketch, the Portuguese sought to calm local property disputes through the cunning use of flags. In protest, the locals promptly used them for target practice! Every year, thousands of tourists come to experience what has become one of India's most colourful and enduring festivals.

Stay at: Karma Royal Palms, conveniently located near the pristine sands of Benaulim Beach.

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