Ubud – high culture in Bali’s central highlands, Crete – Millennia old culture & spectacular nature + more...


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Bali is a unique enclave of hybrid Hinduism in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago – and at its heart in terms of culture, lies Ubud. It was to Ubud that the remains of the Majapahit Empire that ruled large swathes of modern day Indonesia fled as Islam took over 500 years ago. This is why the little town, ensconced amid rice terraces and rainforest, is such a vibrant and evolving hub of arts & high culture – from Balinese dance and music to painting and sculpture to theatre. There are countless museums and galleries showcasing ancient and contemporary arts, some influenced by the Bohemian influx of the early 20th century that sent Balinese ritual art in exciting new directions. Situated in the breathtakingly beautiful outskirts of Ubud, Karma Mayura is the perfect idyllic jumping off point for your Ubud explorations, itself infused with Balinese arts & culture and opulent contemporary comforts fit for royalty.


CRETE – Millennia old culture & spectacular nature

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Think Crete and the mind can’t help but conjure images of the ancient world – the mythic realm of the Greeks with their pantheon of Gods, their philosophers, their theatre – the very founding stones of western culture. Crete is among the most famous islands in Greece and rightly so. Not only is it a place of extraordinary natural beauty and a fascinating repository of ancient Greek culture, it also knows how to put on a good time, with a thriving nightlife, excellent, healthful Mediterranean cuisine and endless beaches giving onto the turquoise waters of the Aegean. Your home in Crete is Karma Minoan in the pretty village of Villea. Set on the somnolent east coast just meters from the beach, it’s comfy apartments set in landscaped gardens are the perfect way to really take in the spirit of the island.

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THAILAND – from cloud forest to tropical island

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Experience the very best of Thailand with Odyssey

First up: Phuket - hidden waterfalls, serene temples, seldom visited coves where warm waters lap sugary white sand beaches dotted with coconut palms…Venture into the forested interior, where you can soak up the exotic atmosphere atop an elephant on a guided tour. Then there are the island’s restaurant and shopping districts where you can sample the famous local cuisine and handicrafts. Set in a smart marina Karma Royal Boat Lagoon’s apartments & clubhouse are the perfect base for your explorations.

Then there is Chiang Mai: The beauty of Thailand’s most important centre in the north is legendary. Set in a spectacular mountain landscape, the city has a more temperate climate than its neighbours to the south. It is rich in culture, with a number of important temples, including with the gold-plated Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep chief among them. Explore the old city by traditional tuk-tuk taxi, head out to one of the nearby elephant parks or check out some traditional Muay Thai kick boxing. Karma Royal Bella Vista is ensconced in the mountains just above the city, offering cosy cottages complete with pool, gym and restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine.



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