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Set in the heart of the French Riviera amidst woodlands and vineyards overlooking the playground of St. Tropez, the rich heritage, legendary glamour and rustic French charm of Karma Le Preverger’s aristocratic private chateau and estate are reflected in the feedback of recent members who enjoyed the privilege, luxury and exclusivity that comes with Karma membership:

Feedback from our members

Mrs. Linley

Part of the Karma Group since 2010

“My expectations were high as I looked forward to the five-day, four-night stay at Le Preverger. I’d seen the place online and knew some of its history, and I also knew how Karma always delivers. But, even though my expectations were for a fine time, I was wrong. It was way more than I imagined in every regard.

My expectations were surpassed almost immediately. When there was a hiccup in the pickup arrangements, I got in touch with Daniel. Can you help, I asked by email. Immediately, there was a response back; leave it to me, and an excellent solution was found straight away. When I arrived, along with another couple, we were met by Karma staff who were very friendly and told us to feel at home. People say, ‘make yourself at home’ all the time but not everyone means it. They meant it. So, friendly and genuine. Expectations exceeded, again. We were each taken to our rooms. I almost cried when I saw my room. It was so adorable and I felt adorable in there, like a princess. It was such a magical room, with everything taken care of. Fine linens, soft and thirsty towels, lovely French lotions and milled soaps, and the most comfortable bed in the world. Each night I slept with the windows and curtains open and the night air coming in. As I woke in the morning, I was met with wonderful views of the countryside and the garden.

Come down for drinks and something to eat, was the direction. Sure, why not. The bar was open, the drinks were being poured, there was cheese and charcuterie plates, other guests were arriving, and introductions were made. It began to feel as though we really would ‘feel at home’. Everything we wanted, we got. Could I look in the kitchen, please? (I always like to see the kitchen, but it’s not something you get to see often, when you are a paying guest). Sure, you can cook if you want, or help yourself to anything, or whatever, do it. What? Wow! There were lovely chefs to cook us dinner each night which we enjoyed together in the creatively styled dining room. Need another bottle of wine? Help yourself, or I can choose you one, would come the response from one of the Karma crew. Then we’d retire to the bar where someone from the group would set themselves up as barman and the party would begin. Sometimes, just talking, sometimes a bit of dancing, or game-playing. It would all just unfold totally organically and magically and that is because we all did feel so welcome and encouraged to take from, and give to, the weekend what we needed or wanted.

Others might head to the sumptuous lounge room where the fire would be going, the most interesting books were there to look through, there was a turntable with records to play, and again, drinks of whatever you wanted. We were ferried to Saint Tropez and to the local village for outings which were loads of fun. We had lunch at tables under the shade of the beautiful trees in the garden, people played petanque, table tennis, watched movies, walked, chatted, read or snoozed in the sun. You could do as much or as little as you wanted. Dana and Peter who manage the property are a delight, so calm and genuine, and filled with good humour. The Karma staff of Chris, Pippa, Dan and Andrew were sensational. They were funny and engaging, interesting and interested. I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed the time at Le Preverger, how glad I am I took advantage of the opportunity, and how very grateful I am for having made the friendships of everyone there. If I ever was to get the chance to go to Le Preverger again, I would go, in a heartbeat”

Mr. and Mrs. Scantlebury

Part of the Karma Group since 2015

“What extraordinary generosity & giving for the use of your wonderful home, it is heaven. We thoroughly appreciate if from the depths of our hearts. Your staff are truly magnificent and caring. Nothing was a problem for them and we were treated as people not holidaymakers.Would absolutely recommend Le Preverger to anyone.

Regards, Damian and Desiree Scantlebury”

Mrs. Small

Part of the Karma Group since 2002

“We were extremely satisfied! Such a beautiful place - peaceful and relaxing. Peter and Dana made it special along with the Karma staff. We would describe our stay in one word with HEAVEN”

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